Safety + Storage Information

Our essential oils are those of the highest quality

Always patch test for skin sensitivity 24hrs before use of any essential oil product

Please consult your GP for any concerns or advice about using essential oils before use. Do not use if unsure about how to correctly. 

Not to be consumed nor left unattended around children. Please use only as directed. Use at own risk.

Must be stored in cool dry places and out of heat/sunlight. The lid must remain tightly fastened at all times. If exposed to heat and air, the blend will oxidise, losing aromas and therapeutic qualities faster. 

Pregnancy and essential oil use - It is recommended to not use essential oils in the first trimester of pregnancy without consulting with your health professional. Clary Sage and Basil are not recommended for use. These rule out the blends Relieve, Fertile mama, soothe. If planning to breastfeed, avoid peppermint late in pregnancy and also whilst breastfeeding. This includes Relieve and Motivate.  Please consult your midwife for guidance.

Breastfeeding- Avoid blends that contain peppermint as it may suppress milk supply 

All blends are designed to be used on an as needed basis. 


0-2m - Newborn

3-12m- Infant

1-3Y - Toddler

3-5Y - Preschool 

6-12Y - Primary

13-18Y - Highschool 

I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose or cure. Please consult your GP for serious health concerns.