Tranquil Bath + Body oil

Tranquil Bath + Body oil

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With the combination of calming Lavender to help your body unwind and relax, in addition to the ever so grounding Frankincense that will also help nourish your dry skin. These essential oils are the perfect to promote Tranquility to mind and body.

Bath use- Add a few drops of the blend right before you get into the bath. Mixing it in at the end will help to ensure the oils don’t evaporate too quickly. Be sure to avoid contact with eyes and ears. Bath may be slippery when emptied so caution is advised when getting out. Adding your usual bath soap wash to the bath will assist with dispersion also. 

Body use- For use as an all over calming body massage oil. Apply where needed focusing on areas of tension for maximum benefits. 

Lavender, Frankincense, Fractionated coconut oil, Sweet almond oil. 50ml Clear glass pump bottle 

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Bath use suitable for all ages